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Conversion Driven

Because you don’t really want to pay for clicks. You want to generate income – at the lowest cost possible.

Delivering award-winning PPC campaigns, our experts think beyond clicks to generate the return you really want.

We create and manage tailored campaigns across all paid media platforms – from search engines like Google and Bing, to social networks like Facebook and Instagram.

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Our PPC Services

To achieve the most effective return on investment, our comprehensive PPC plan draws on our professional knowledge and expertise.

Ad Optimisation

Optimizing for Maximum Conversion

Is the process of creating ads that are relevant to users who see your ads and then perfecting these ads informed by data collected through split testing to see which one is the best fit and gains the most traction. It also includes adding ad extensions for detail in the case of search ads


Constantly Updating for the Best Results

We take you through the process from start to finish optimizing the flow through insights and how the traffic of your niche audience is viewing the google ads

Financial Strategy Return’s

Be Impeccably Organised 

Our account managers optimize the budget of the ads with you in mind and what benefits your ROI, this can be by creating a single campaign with optimal reach or multiple campaigns with smaller budgets, localized to areas we want to target for optimal campaign management.

What Is Pay Per Clicks 

 PPC is a cost-effective way of bringing traffic to your website unlike SEO and other digital marketing services which focus on building foundations for your business and creating long-term gains, PPC advertising can provide quick wins for businesses looking to convert searchers or bolster their social media marketing efforts.

The amazing thing about PPC is that it’s highly trackable and can be fine-tuned for optimum results. All paid adverts are geared to track insights such as interactions, impressions, and conversions, amongst other KPIs (Key Performance Indicators). So our experts can monitor your campaign and ultimately bring you results.


PPC agency Welshpool – grow your business with Pay Per Click


The goal of a PPC campaign is quite simple, to generate high-quality targeted traffic to your website to increase conversions and transactions.

By using our PPC management agency you can automatically go to the top of the search engine results pages (SERPs) whilst the ads stay running that is.


The Benefits Of PPC

Increase Traffic Instantly

As PPC targets a selected audience this means that you will be targeting a range of people who are already interested in the services you provide and increases the traffic which then allows your website and content to entice the user and getting them to follow through the transaction.

Full Control of Advertising Costs

When using a PPC campaign you’re fully in control of the budget you’d like to use for a select period. Our account manager will take you through the process fully so you’re never out of the loop and you can watch the results flow in. Furthermore whether or not you want a flash sale or a long-term strategy and if an emergency happens where you have to pause the ads, the power is in your hands.

You Only Pay Per Click

We only show your ads to people who are interested in the service you provide and you will only pay once a customer has interacted with your adverts

Boost Brand Awareness

Have you ever been talking to a friend about a chosen subject and then moments later you on your phone and an ad pops up exactly what you were talking about? The power of PPC is quite amazing at this moment in time. This power can be yours to take your business reach new heights.


Key Insights into Your Audience

Digital marketing services such as PPC need an understanding of what approach you want to use for your ads and also what audience you’re targeting so we can fine-tune the ads and your ROI can increase exponentially.

The Process

The process and service to build the ideal strategy:


  1. Consultation- we discuss and learn all about what you need your adverts to do for your website. . We’ll also ask you about your business and what direction or progression you would like your company to follow.

 2. Research- at this stage we understand you, your brand, and what you want to achieve. This is vital for us to understand the ins and outs of your business: Your strategy, and, most importantly, your customers. This helps us identify opportunities to exploit and develop a game plan.

 3. Development- at this stage we understand not only your business but also the competition. We begin to implement the strategy we have chosen as we have established gaps in the market and can start to take advantage of these. As we’re implementing the strategy we can adjust certain parts of your website and also the ads to optimize your conversions as much as possible as these minor changes are vital to get the most out of your ads.

 4. Testing- Our PPC specialists will then begin the testing phase where the preparation is done and we can start growing your account through expanding your keywords list and building data and tweaking the target audience. Our testing methodology ensures we are focussed on value-driven a/b tests, analysing results to inform changes we make.

 5. Launch- when we launch we’ve implemented all the research we’ve gathered and when we launch we want to get as many insights as possible, as soon as possible. A slight adjustment on the way will increase PPC campaigns’ return on investment results drastically.


When working with Seven Street digital marketing agency Welshpool our team creates a great user experience for you and your clients and we are up to date with Google and its algorithm updates to optimize our PPC services and our marketing strategy as your campaigns are safe hands in our Google AdWords experts.




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